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15 health vows couples should make
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15 health vows couples should make

Love and dedication will only flourish if you are healthy both mentally and physically. When you promise your better half that you’ll be there for each other and support each other in every given situation, it is very important that your body is healthy to fulfil the promise. It isn’t very easy to maintain your health and fitness in this busy life you two are leading but this Valentine’s day you might want to make a few real promises that will help real causes. Yes! Make a few health vows this Valentine’s Day, like these.

1. To stop eating junk food: Enough avoiding the elephant in the room. Just promise to stop eating junk food or at least try if nothing else. Make a plan for yourself and cut down on junk food gradually.
2. To eat at least one healthy meal together in a day: This will be a very positive step towards an improving your unhealthy habits. If not together, having at least one healthy meal in a day could do the trick.
3. To exercise: Another very obvious but important promise you must make. Whether it is joining a gym together, simply exercising on your own or a mere cardio regimen… make it point to make space for exercise and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
4. To eliminate alcohol from life: Alcohol is both harmful and addictive. Promise to each other that you’ll give up on this bad habit.
5. To check each others’ habits: Make it a point to check on each others’ health and other lifestyle habits. It might sound difficult but it does help.
6. To get proper medi-claim or any other form of financial savings done: Do you have a mediclaim or savings for any unforeseen health troubles that could occur? Get it done asap.
7. To have a healthy conversation every day: A healthy, unbiased conversation will only help you clear your mind and attain mental peace. Make it a point to sleep clear-headed.
8. To write down the problems and discuss the solutions without delay:
    If there is some kind of problems you guys are facing, be it financial, family-related or any other kind of problems or disagreements, make sure to write it down and aim to solve it asap. It will give you confidence and a mental boost that will help you get rid of stress.
9. To go for a vacation from time to time: You need a vacation, big or small, to rejuvenate and restore yourself. It will help you beat stress and lead make your life fulfilling.
10. To start reading labels each time you eat packaged food: Most people don’t do this but labels on packaged products must be read positively. The expiry date, ingredients, the nutritional value promise to each other that you’ll never forget to read labels before eating.
11. To learn to cook and practice it: Cooking helps you decide what you eat and has a lot of health benefits. You eat clean and are able to stick to your diet better.
12. To do at least one fun activity together at a time: It could be karaoke, dancing anything that makes you two happy. Happiness will make you more satisfied in life and kick out stress.
13. To set goals and draw out plans to achieve them: While I strongly believe that your professional and monetary well being is very important for your mental health, it is also important to note that you don’t burn yourself out in achieving these. Set out small goals one by one and make plans to achieve them gradually.
14. To switch to organic food: Organic foods are healthy and pesticide free and also gives organic farming a boost. Promise each other that you will switch to organic farming this Valentine’s Day.
15. To count calories: Counting your calories each time you eat will help you keep a track of what you are eating and what ammendments you can make to your diet to eat healthier.