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Make Relaxation a Habit
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Make Relaxation a Habit

We live in stressful times. People are trying different relaxation techniques with increasing popularity to ease the stress of everyday life. Enjoy the benefits of de-stressing by practicing how to relax. Incorporate a few simple changes into your daily routine and create habits to relieve stress. Relaxation can reduce the levels of toxins that contribute to many major diseases. Read on to learn more.


Practice relaxation techniques. Breathing techniques relax the mind and body. Sit quietly in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and relax all of your muscles starting with your feet and slowly moving to each area until you reach your face. Slowly inhale and exhale deeply through your nose. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. Alternate between flexing and relaxing your muscles.

Listen to calming sounds every day. Whether the sounds come from your satellite radio, CDs, iPod, MP3 player or from the sounds of your own musical instrument. Choose music or sounds that are relaxing and reduce stress. Use this method during your commute to and from work, at lunch time, in the office while working or at night to help unwind from the day's activities. Combine the music with breathing techniques to increase your relaxation.

Obtain visuals to encourage relaxation and positive affirmations. Visit a relaxation website to download visually stimulating relaxation DVD's, music and scenery. Go to a bookstore and peruse the self-help section to find materials that teach and promote relaxation.

Purchase a massager for your neck, back, feet and shoulder. Try portable massagers. Many are designed to apply pressure to a specific part of the body to stimulate relaxation. Incorporate breathing techniques to increase the relaxing effect.

Select a cold or hot wrap. Place the wrap in the refrigerator or microwave and put it on the part of the body that is tight or sore from tension. Combine the technique with deep breathing, aromatherapy, and massage oils to help penetrate deep into the muscles and provide soothing relief.

Use an aromatherapy shower gel, lotion or by butter to calm and relax. Orange, lemon and peppermint are invigorating scents that naturally energize. Use calming scents like chamomile or lavender to relax and de-stress the body naturally.

Move your body. Try physical exercises like yoga, dance or martial arts which teach controlled movements, breathing and relaxation.