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How to Decorate Your Home for a Birthday Party
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How to Decorate Your Home for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are special occasions celebrated in the company of family and close friends. Festive decorations are essential on these occasions that commemorate the passing of another glorious year and welcome the new one. Whether it’s your birthday or a friend or family member's, decorating your home can be as enjoyable as the party itself. Use your creativity to use decorative accents in the celebrant’s favorite color or theme while preparing the venue for the event.


  1. Remove unwanted pieces of furniture from the main rooms that will house a majority of guests during the party celebrations. Pieces like an easy chair, a coffee table or a television set take up plenty of room and serve no purpose at the party. Most people at parties like to stand, so consider removing most of the clutter from all rooms assigned for the party, or place seating around the corners. Ask family members or friends to help move the unwanted furniture to a nearby room so you can rearrange it easily the next day.
  2. Blow up plenty of balloons in theme colors, or rent a professional with a helium tank to fill these up at the venue. Use colors that the birthday boy likes, or follow a selected theme. Bunch up same or different colored balloons and tape these to indoor and outdoor walls to color the space and give it a festive air. Also place balloons at the gate to mark the party spot. For an adult’s birthday use balloons in one or two colors, such as light pink or yellow and gold, but use a wide assortment of colors for a vibrant display.
  3. Put up streamers to add depth to strategic spots and brighten them up. Suspend these in your desired colors from the ceiling, outline windows and doors or tie them to the ends of balloons so they trail to the floor.
  4. Create fresh flower arrangements and place over counters, on a gift table, refreshment table and foyer. Bunch up an assortment of flowers to add varied texture, color and form to the arrangement, and place in decorative or simple vases. Add foliage that structures the flowers to the edges of the vase. You can also snip off stems of a few flowers so the flower heads float in a container of water.
  5. Create bows of tulle and tie to the backs of chairs or weave around a stairway for a dramatic look.
  6. Create a stunning centerpiece for the evening. Examples include suspending a bunch of theme-colored helium balloons from a weighted base such as a shimmery handbag for a girl’s party or a toy car for a boy’s, or arranging the recipient’s favorite flowers in a vase.