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Compensation of Seafarers On Board Vessels Transiting the Gulf of Aden
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Compensation of Seafarers On Board Vessels Transiting the Gulf of Aden
On September 14, 2009, The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) issued guidelines to further clarify the provisions of Section 3 Governing Board Resolution No. 04, series of 2008, which provides for double wage, compensation, and benefits to seafarers on board vessels transiting the Gulf of Aden. The said guidelines are as follows:
1.      The entitlement to double wage, compensation and benefits shall commence as soon as the vessel enters the declared high-risk zone as defined under Governing Board Resolution No. 6, series of 2009. The compensation and benefits provided shall be limited to the duration of the vessel’s transit to the high-risk zone.
2.      In the computation of the daily rate of the basic pay, guaranteed or fixed overtime and leave pay, the monthly figures shall be divided by 30 days. The resulting amount (quotient) is the daily rate. This will then be multiplied by two (2) to arrive at the doubled daily rate of the compensation due to the seafarer.
3.      In the case of seafarers whose overtime pay is based on an hourly rate, the computation of the daily rate shall be based on a regular working hours of eight (8) hours in every 24 hours, midnight to midnight, Monday to Sunday, in accordance with Section 10 B of the Standard Terms and Conditions Governing the Employment of Filipino Seafarers On-Board Ocean-Going Vessels.
4.      Any fraction of the days shall be considered as one day for purposes of computing the daily rate.
All Manning Agencies concerned are subjected to carry out these guidelines 15 days from date of its publication.