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Ideas for a Picky Eater
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Ideas for a Picky Eater

Picky eaters often refuse to eat certain foods based on their smell, texture and color. It is also common for them to react negatively to foods that look different or unfamiliar. According to Jean mercer of Psychology Today, children are the pickiest eaters and may reject a food throughout their childhood based on even just one bad experience. Coaxing and bribing often does not work; rather, you must creatively plan meals to appeal to a picky eater's taste.

Use Dips for Vegetables
Dips encourage picky eaters to eat more vegetables, and cheese-based dips compliment vegetables well. Slice vegetables very thin so that the taste of the dip will overpower the taste of the vegetables. Allow the eater to use large amounts of dip initially, and slowly reduce the amount of dip once he gets comfortable with eating vegetables. Prepare vegetable dips during dinner and snack times. Kids are usually hungry when they come home from school and after taking naps, so have tasty dips and crunchy vegetables prepared in advance.

Blend and Juice Fruits and Vegetables

Kids may not eat an entire apple, banana, carrot or orange, but they are likely to drink a fruit smoothie or a glass of vegetable juice. Smoothies and juices are a healthy way to ensure that your kids receive their daily allotment of fruits and vegetables. Ripe fruits are easy to blend and taste sweet, so children will drink them willingly. With vegetable juice, creativity is essential. Juice carrots and celery with sweet fruits, such as apples. Also, get your child excited about juicing and making smoothies by allowing them to make their own, or help you in the kitchen.

Add a Sweet Gravy to Meat Dishes
Sweet gravies enhance the flavors of meats, poultry, and fish and make these dishes more palatable to picky eaters. Add pineapple, brown sugar or sweet peaches to gravy dishes. Allow the eater to use a lot of gravy initially, and slowly reduce the amount of gravy that she can use. Use sweet gravies when you introduce new meat dishes that are unfamiliar to the picky eater.

Involve Picky Eaters in the Cooking Process
Allow the picky eater to help prepare the foods that he will eat for dinner. Cutting vegetables, preparing salads, creating salad dressings and seasoning meat dishes are all duties that anyone can assist with, regardless of skill level. It is also easy to build interactive, balanced meals into your menu that picky eaters will enjoy, like tacos and homemade pizzas. The cooking process will make them more open-minded when it comes to trying new dishes, and they will eventually want to start experimenting with different seasonings, flavors and toppings.

Source: ehow.com