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Usapang Marino
Jok Onli

Making Big Money

A man was sitting at the bar looking dejectedly into his bottle of beer.

“You look pretty down,” said the guy on the next stool. “Wanna talk about it?”

“I dunno,” sighed the first man. “It’s just that this time last year I had a fantastic job. I was making big money.”


“Well, that was the problem. People started noticing the bills were five millimeters too big!”


Two Watt Bulbs

A man walks into a hardware store and speaks to the cashier.

"Have you any two watt bulbs?"

"For what?"

"That’ll do, I'll take two."

"Two what?"

"I thought you didn’t have any."

"Any what?"

"Yes please!"


Fashion Help

The patient goes to the dentist and says, "I have yellow teeth, what should I do?"

The dentist replies, "Wear a brown tie."

Source: a jokeaday

Army Brat vs. Navy Brat

An Army brat was boasting about his father to a Navy brat. “My dad is an engineer. He can do anything. You know the Alps? Well, it was my dad who built them!”

“That’s nothing,” said the Navy brat. “You know the Dead Sea? Well, it was my dad who killed it!”

Source: ajokeaday
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