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How a Viber message landed Gloria Diaz a guest appearance on Netflix
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‘I thought it was a mistake’: How a Viber message landed Gloria Diaz a guest appearance on Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’

October 9 ------ Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz shared how she snagged the role in the Netflix series Insatiable.  During a press conference held at Shangri-La The Fort in Bonifacio Global City, the former beauty queen revealed that it all started with a message on Viber.  “They just viber-ed me and I thought it was a mistake. I thought maybe they weren’t referring to me. And you know I did a lot of texts and vibers. And I didn’t really answer it in the beginning. And then they viber-ed again,” she said.  “They said yeah. I said okay. That’s it. I said ‘Can you follow it up with my guy?’ And so they did all the things. And then I was even surprised because I said ‘What role would I do?’ I just couldn’t think - I didn’t realize it was going to be my role,” she said. 

Diaz also shared that at first, she thought the hit Netflix series was a ‘teenybopper’ kind of show when she first heard of it.  “And then I started watching it. But then I said ‘Oh my God’! Because when you watch it the first time, you’d think it’s a teenybopper show. And then as you go on, it’s exactly what it says - Sex, Violence, Language. So I said ‘Hmmm this sounds very interesting’ So that’s it,” she stated.  The 68-year-old actress then shared that she immediately told her children Isabella and Ava upon finding out that she was the cast in the show.  “Of course my daughters. My daughter Belle knows Insatiable and my daughter Ava. Then I told Samantha. And my nieces. ‘Cause in the beginning right it’s all teenybopper. So I asked the younger generation,” she said. She added: “I asked my designer, she knew it. And one designer knew it and the other designer knew it. So I guess that’s our market, right?”

Sharing her whole experience on set, she said: “I was quite overwhelmed because of course in the Philippines it’d be totally different. Our stylists bring ten dresses when they start to dress you up. But when I got to your dress area - the warehouse, I was so shocked. I was like ‘How many years have these been accumulating?’ Here it’s just one season and everything. We just do it very differently, right?” Meanwhile, Diaz, who received a warm welcome from lead stars Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan, admitted that she felt anxious as to whether or not she was going to deliver in the show.  “And I was just overwhelmed with the greeting and everything. They were so kind. And I was saying last night as I got into the set they were like ‘Oh welcome. welcome. But like I said, the more they welcomed me, the more stressed I became. The more I said ‘Am I gonna be able to deliver?’” So I got more nervous,” she stated.  Gloria Diaz is set to appear in the sixth episode of the second season of Insatiable.