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Balitang Marino.Com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Balitang Marino.Com? is a service brought to Filipino seafarers in Japan by the Japanese Seafarers' Union (AJSU) and the Philippine-Japanese Maritime Consultative Council (PJMCC)l. aims to bring the Filipino seafarer closer to home, providing him with important and relevant news and information as well as content pertinent to his career advancement.

Is it free for use? is a free information website service. There is no need to have a Username and Password to go through its different sections.

How do I call the attention of the editor of Balitang Marino for a particular concern?

Seafarers on-board vessels covered by the AJSU-PJMCC partnership can send feedback to via .

If there is an article that I want to contribute or be posted in the Balitang Marino website, how do I do it?

If you have an article to submit, practical tips to share, or general information to convey to other readers, you can send your material through email via or by using the assigned email addresses for each particular section of the site (e.g. Ate Zenie article are to be sent to

In the ¡®Downloadables¡¯ section, is the downloading of the forms free-of-charge?

Yes, the forms in the ¡®Downloadable¡¯ section of the Balitang Marino site can be acquired free-of-charge.

Are and the Balitang Marino Daily news one and the same?

The website is the main vehicle for news, general information and other features published on-line for the benefit of the seafarers covered by the AJSU-PJMCC agreement. The Balitang Marino Daily News service is the condensed form of the news also found in the website and is normally sent out to the different member agencies or ships via email.

What do we have to do to receive the Balitang Marino Daily News while on-board the ship?

In order for your ship or vessel to receive a free copy of the Balitang Marino Daily News, please channel your request via your manning agency or send an email to so we can arrange it properly with your respective agencies.