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Save Time While Cleaning!
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Save Time While Cleaning!

Soak and clean
If you’ve got Venetian blinds at home, you’ll know how much these attract dust. Groan, you say? Not if you try this nifty fast-cleaning tip: Instead of wiping down pane by pane, dilute two capfuls of multipurpose cleaner like the Cif Surface Cleaner in warm water in a bathtub just before you take a shower. Place the blinds in and soak for 10 minutes. When you hit the shower, use it to rinse off the blinds. Hang to air dry and voila! Clean blinds without all the hassle.

Think ahead of time
Got rubber bath mat? Hang them up after each use to prevent from turning greasy moldy. Spray regularly with a multipurpose cleaner to prevent buildup. Rinse and dry before use. Or consolidate your cleaning by sessions. For example, you can wash your windows and vacuum off cobwebs on the same day so that you only need to take the ladder out once. Grouping similar tasks will speed up cleaning time. Another great tip? Clean as you cook so there isn’t a pile of dirty dishes waiting for you at the end of your meal!

Be prepared
A huge time waster when cleaning? Looking for the tools and cleaning solutions! Be more efficient by keeping everything you need to clean your home ready in a bucket. Stick in there a brush, a multipurpose cleaner, gloves, sponges and whatever else you need for cleaning. Bring it with you from room to room, and you won’t waste time anymore going from upstairs to downstairs and back upstairs again if you forget something.

Dilute things
Don’t waste time scrubbing, especially for stubborn grease or hard-to-reach areas. Rub in some multipurpose cleaner, and let it soak through for about 15 minutes before you scrub. The multipurpose cleaner would have already dissolved the dirt, making scrubbing a whole lot easier and less time consuming.

Get plugged in
Hate how you have to pause your vacuuming because your wire isn’t long enough? Here’s a good solution: Extend your reach! Invest in a long extension cord for your vacuum cleaner. Plug in the centre of the room and you can vacuum without wasting time un-plugging and re-plugging.

Have a system
Clean from top to bottom (ceiling to floor), focused on rooms and then common areas, or try what the experts recommend: Starting each room to the left of the doorway, at the top and moving clockwise and down. Whatever your system, get used to it and before you know it, you’ll be cleaning like a pro, no time wasted.

Brushing your teeth? Why not use that time to wipe around the tap? While you’re at it, keep a small scrub brush in the shower and use it together with a multipurpose cleaner to clean the shower walls during or at the end of your shower. Get a squeegee and squeeze out the excess scum and water, and you’re done. Waiting for your flat iron or curling iron to heat up? Take that time to re-organise your vanity mirror. Every minute spent waiting can be used for effective cleaning!

Source: yahoo.com