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How to make a storage cupboard
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How to make a storage cupboard

This storage-space is open fronted and acts like a mini walk-in wardrobe! Made from an old bookcase, all you need to do is cut and re-position the shelves, then install hooks to cater for your collection of bags, shoes, scarves and belts. It's so stylish, and makes keeping your bedroom clean and tidy a whole lot easier.

Step 1: Remove shelves from bookcase. Measure internal height of bookcase and use a jigsaw to cut 1 shelf to this size to use as a support. Cut remaining shelf to make 2 smaller shelves of equal size (ours were 500mm each). Sand all edges.

Step 2: Put support in position in bookcase. Hold short shelves in place, using existing adjustable holes on 1 side as a guide. With shelves level, mark a line for each on support. Also mark position of support at top, bottom and along back of bookcase.

Step 3: Remove shelves and support. Drill 2 shallow holes for adjustable shelf pins at marked lines for each shelf. Stick tape around drill bit to mark maximum depth you can go, so you don’t go all the way through.

Step 4: Undercoat bookcase, shelves and support with stain blocker. Let dry. Apply 2 coats of Aquanamel in Vivid White. Let dry.

Step 5: To fix support in position, predrill an even spread of holes, centred to marked line at back of bookcase.

Step 6: Apply PVA to top, bottom and back of support, then reposition and drive screws into shelf from back

Step 7: Push shelf pins in at holes drilled into support and insert shelves.

Step 8: So cup hooks go in straight, predrill shallow holes for each 1 at top of bookcase. Screw in hooks by hand. Allow distance from sides for hangers, to suit.