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5 Eco-Friendly Money Saving Tips
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5 Eco-Friendly Money Saving Tips

These days, ‘going green’ is a big priority for so many of us. Though some environmentally friendly products can be expensive to buy and run, there are many ways you could make your lifestyle environmentally friendly without breaking the bank – and even cut back on your monthly outgoings in the long run.

Here are 5 tips that could allow you to help the environment – and save money.

1. Chemical household cleaners can be harmful to the environment, and can be poisonous to humans and animals if they escape through the drain. They’re also often expensive, and can easily eat into your monthly budget. Think of using natural, greener alternatives, such as white vinegar. As well as being affordable and easy to buy from supermarkets, it’s ideal for cleaning, disinfecting bathrooms and showers, and removing stains.

2. Think about investing in rechargeable batteries. Replacing disposable batteries in remote controls and other electronic items can quickly become expensive – not to mention the fact that they contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to the environment and can’t be naturally broken down. Though buying rechargeable batteries is more expensive, they can be re-used again and again, so you should certainly get value for your money.

3. Before eating out or going shopping, look for any voucher codes that may be available for discounts and money-off deals in your local shops and restaurants. Some websites even offer vouchers that can entitle you to discounts on sustainable, environmentally friendly products and clothing – so you could grab yourself a bargain and benefit the planet too.

4. If you’re a driver, you could save money on fuel – and do your bit to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ – by taking more notice of the ‘fuel consumption meter’ fitted in most modern cars. By showing your MPG (Miles per Gallon) over multiple trips and the total fuel consumed (amongst other readings), it could help you keep an eye on the way you’re driving and encourage more economical habits on the road.

5. Consider fitting a ‘low-flow’ shower head, which could help reduce your water bills and the amount of water wasted. There are two available options: an ‘aerating’ version, which reduces the amount of water used by mixing it with oxygen to create a soft, ‘bubbly’ shower; or a ‘non-aerating’ model, which restricts the flow of water by forcing it out of smaller holes, giving it a more massaging spray.

Source: yahoo.com